This store is the result of my husband and I shifting gears (downward) to make our sunset years as simple as possible. We migrated to Astoria, Oregon in 2002 (I, after living my entire life in and around Portland) and have never looked back. Funny, that—because I'm a dyed-in-the-wool sentimentalist!

We heeded the strong pull to Astoria because of its location near so much water. We desired a quieter, slower paced environment, and boy did we get it right! I love hearing the harbor seals when I'm outside milling around, or in the night when our windows are perennially open—which is when I'm my most energetic and creative.

We feel so grounded living here next to the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean (we're both water-sign Scorpions), I can't imagine living any other place. A good friend who used to live here said, "I live in a calendar," and that's exactly the way we feel too.

My husband is employed as a fine woodworker and cabinet maker.

I'm coping with physical challenges, which for awhile, left me at a loss as to what to do next (after having worked the health care industry for ten years). The need for meticulously managing inventory and listings, and the bookkeeping aspect of running this store is the perfect way for me to channel my energy and interests.

And so, my husband and I have made our cozy home in this coastal rainforest with all of our hobby accoutrements and our extended family of loving cats. We've added to our little family over the years by rescuing and adopting numerous felines. They need love and homes and we need and love them in return—it's the perfect arrangement!

I'm often surprised by where my path leads me...as a kid my family visited Astoria often—always when my Ohio relatives came to visit and wanted the 'Pacific Northwest Tour.' I never imagined I'd end up living here one day, but I'm so happy I've landed here!